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2 - Which areas(s) of the law or social justice interest you? Check all that apply.

 Domestic violence Restraining Orders
 Low income Landlord/Tenant Law
 Human Rights Law
 Family Law
 Criminal Law
 Civil Law
 Immigration Law
 Employment Law
 Child Welfare
 Consumer Law
 Employment Law
 Other Legal Issues

3 - Training and mentorship opportunities for all volunteers are available. Are you interested in viewing a list of upcoming trainings or participating in a mentoring program?

Please Note: We endeavor to place volunteers with volunteer projects that match your personal preferences; however, sometimes that isn't possible. If that is the case, we will contact you to discuss alternative placement opportunities.

4 - We seek to serve citizens across Nigeria. Are you willing to take a case in another part of the state apart form where you reside? Remember, many aspects of legal representation can be achieved through digital communication. How many miles from home or office are you willing to travel to take a case? For example, 10 miles? 25 miles? 50 miles? 100 miles?

5 - Please share anything else about your volunteer interests or that will assist us in connecting you with a pro bono project? For example: Do you want to work with a specific client population? Do you have a specialized skill set? Are you interested in exposure to a new area of law? Do you speak a foreign language? Do you want courtroom experience?

6 - Personal Information Please provide the following information for our records. We will not share personal information with any person or entity beyond the legal services provider to which we direct this form.