Kenotay250project® relies on a cadre of compassionate attorneys who volunteer their time to assist clients we would otherwise have to turn away.

Did you know that we will have to turn away 4 out of every 5 eligible applicants simply because we don’t have the staff resources to handle the overwhelming need?

Each volunteer attorney has his or her own reasons for doing pro bono; here are a few of the most cited motivations.

I Do Pro Bono Because…

Pro Bono Benefits Our Community: Attorneys doing pro bono work get great personal satisfaction while burnishing their professional reputation when helping the least fortunate in our community. As an attorney, you have unique and valuable skills that can make a real difference to the quality of life in our community.

Pro Bono Develops Skills: New lawyers gain valuable experience, possibly including trial experience. Because pro bono services are in high demand, young attorneys can practice at a more advanced level earlier than their peers. Experienced attorneys may gain knowledge and experience in areas of the law they haven’t practiced in before.

Pro Bono Complements Private Practice: Pro bono attorneys often meet people (including other lawyers and judges) who become valuable sources of clients for their practice. Expanded knowledge and experience gained while handling pro bono cases can be used to expand a private practice into new areas of the law. Judges appreciate lawyers who help the smooth running of the court by assisting clients who otherwise would be stumbling through the process pro se.

Pro Bono is Stimulating and Rewarding: Pro bono work makes a positive difference to a person who is at a low point in their life. Your pro bono clients will receive better outcomes in court than if they were to not have any representative. You can change your client’s life!

Willing to Take a Case? Contact us for more information and fill our volunteer form.