Although Kenotay250project® is a non-profit, we still have all of the overhead and legal expenses of a law firm while continuing to provide top level legal expertise to the underprivileged. This presents an interesting challenge, as it takes additional funding to cover office supply basics – which accounts for a large funding gap in our budget. We appreciate any non-monetary, in-kind donations that individuals and private businesses can provide to help us cover the cost of everyday operating expenses. These donations help cover a portion of the operating costs, allowing us to extend scarce resources even further, thus allowing more people to benefit from our services.

Our current wish list includes:
• Office equipment (scanners, laptops, printers, shredders, copiers)
• Office supplies (ink, paper, etc.)

Private and in kind donations will help sustain Kenotay250project® daily operations. We will appreciate the assistance of individuals and organizations in the communities we serve.